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Our staff augmentation services can be the most helpful for the following companies:

Companies in Need of More Velocity

You are expanding your product fast and need more software development specialists ASAP or have tight deadlines. Our dedicated team is just what you were looking for.


Whether building from the ground up or pivoting, you need to increase your IT staff. We will augment it with people who fit both your product and your company’s culture.

Companies Looking for Diversification

You already have third-party developers working for you. Hiring a dedicated team from another company will keep you independent from a single vendor and add new technical expertise to the project.

Companies Looking for Rare Skills

You need people with the knowledge of very specific and uncommon technologies, and hiring them on the location takes too much time and money. That’s exactly the task that our recruiters are trained for.

Companies with Long-term Projects

You have a software development idea that would take a lot of time to implement. Get a team of dedicated developers fast and keep full control of the project.

Business Domains

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Challenges We Address

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Not Enough People

We build dedicated teams from 1-3 people to 50-60 specialists. Collecting engineers with various tech stack: PHP, RoR, React.js, React Native, etc.

Software developer professional skill | Icon


We can find specialists with the knowledge of the required technology or industry.

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Cost of Hiring Is Too High

We augment your staff in reasonable time and on a reasonable budget.

Software development team management | Icon

Hard to Manage Offshore Teams

The people we hire for you are your employees working from our office. They will be deeply integrated in your company’s processes and connect with your in-house developers.

Why Aristek Systems

Take Advantages of Aristek IT Staff Augmentation Services

Here’s what you can be sure of when working with us:

  • Personal Touch

    As a medium-sized company, we greatly value each client. You can have a personal account manager, a personal project manager, and even a dedicated recruiter to make sure you get exactly what you wanted.

  • Domain Knowledge

    We have extensive experience in eLearning, Healthcare, Oil&Gas, eCommerce, Logistics, and AR/VR. We can find people for these domains faster.

  • Low Attrition Rate

    We care about the people working for us. As a result, the attrition rate is below 7%, which means people that we hired for you will stay on as long as necessary.

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